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Hi and Welcome to my page! ​

My name is Elena and I'm passionate about the natural and noninvasive ways to support our  bodies and minds. Our body always talks to us but sometimes it is easier to pretend we don't hear it. My own body started giving me signals about certain things I need to work on at a deeper level starting at a pretty young age. However, my first wake up call happened when I was diagnosed with the autoimmune condition in 2011. At that time I started looking into the direction of the holistic approach to our bodies and wellbeing. My second wave of strong inspiration and motivation to get involved in what I'm doing today came with the birth of my two kids. 

I felt a genuine call to begin my journey as a holistic practitioner and work with women by offering gentle noninvasive ways of supporting your health through all the stages of your life. Dreamy and relaxing reflexology and reiki treatments tailored to your needs are currently offered at Blooming Soles .

Blooming Soles evolves and grows along with my passion for self-development and learning new holistic tools. My goal is not just to provide a formal service but also to connect in a loving and spiritual way where it is possible with my community.  Thank you for your trust!


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